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Lettera mandata a Iain McNeil dal responsabile di "Signa Inferre" riguardo il gioco di strategia della Slitherine "Legion"

I would let you know some things that might improve this beautyfull game.
We can take 3 moments that change the Roman army:
1) 753 b.c. - Social war (romans use first oplite formation, later phalanx formation) 2) Social war - 150 a.c.(romans use legion formation, more usefull and invincible) 3)150 a.c. to 350 a.c. (barbarians in legion, more cavalry)
The main and best units of each period:
1) In this period roman soldiers were patricians and plebeians, each soldier must buy for himself the sword, the shield ecc...
In my opinion patrician and plebeians must be distinguishable and 2 consuls that command the army. main soldiers are Veliti, Principes and Triarii and Soci Italici.
2) In this period legions rule the world. Legion is composed of cohortes. The cohortes should be controlled indipendently of legion. There should be a commander (legatus) and 6 tribunes for each legion (if there will be some of these officials this will be the greatest game in history!). Auxilia are very important, these soldiers are worse than legionaries but they were the main body of the army. Pretorians are important too.
3) In this period there were 3 important units: legionarys (worse than second period), cavalry and lanciarii (worse than auxilia).

Roman army had always archers and slingsmen.

The order (for example attak, withraw must have a sound (like a trump, the clarina), when a legion is destroyed a voice should say it (in Latin). All the voices must be in Latin (it's cool!).

Diplomacy is important, if you think you'll not win a battle, you can come to a compromise.

There shoul be a good music in the game, especially in battles.

Each legion should have a name (real if it's possible - Gemina, Herculea, Partia...)

Let me know if some ideas are good and wich idea do you want to take into consideration...


Lettera di risposta di Iain Mcneill al responsabile di "Signa Inferre"

We've had to take a slightly more abstract approach to the Roman units which mean s we have Legionaries rather than Hastati and Triarii. We'd like to model the Roman army as it developed, but we have a limited number of units that we can create, so instead we've had to go for the most recognisable unit from the period. When people think of Romans they usually think of the early Imperial Roman legionary. As this is the most familiar type of unit, this is what we based the Legionaries on. Because Legionaries and hastati, triarri, princepes are similar types of unit, we didn't want to use our limited resources in having multiple copies of the same type of unit. Instead, we want each unit to be different.

E.g. We currently have
Auxilia Cavalry
Auxilia Archers

One unit you mention that we don't have are the slingers and we'd like to get them in, so thanks for the idea. Maybe even the funditores - staff slingers. I'd also like to include Clibinarii but they are a little to late for this period.

We have diplomacy in the game and it will be an important part of gameplay.

Having the voices in Latin is a very good idea as it means we don't have to translate them to other languages.

Thanks again for the ideas. Some of these are very good.






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